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"Your sexy stories are like chocolate for the mind: Rich, silky smooth, and infinitely pleasurable. I am always satisfied and yet I always come back for more." -Chris


"Your incredibly sensuous voice and utterly wicked imagination put me right there! Thank you so much for making my dreams sweet and satisfying." -Marcia


"I always wondered what it would be like to dominate someone sexually. Thanks to your uncanny ability to get inside my mind and body, I now know! Wow. I can't stop listening!" -Susan


"My husband and I are both fans of your stories. When he first asked me to listen I was dubious, but it didn't take long for your words to get me into the mood. We've gotten some great ideas from you to spice things up. Thanks!" -Katie

Welcome to Silken Erotica for Women

Are you tired of wading through the dreck online trying to find quality erotica that is both literary and lusty, both raw and refined? Do you want tasteful erotic stories that explore your sexuality and pleasure as only another woman can express it? Feel like laying back and listening to a sexy story told from a woman's point of view?

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a sybian, meet a man in a hotel room, tie someone up, or make love to another woman? If you've ever wished you were more sexually adventurous or ever wondered what might have been if only you'd said yes, this is where you can hear your fantasies fulfilled. Silken Erotica explores these subjects and more in both text and audio formats.

Let Silken Erotica take you places you've never been but always wanted to go, thrill you with the hot, juicy, forbidden things you've always wanted to do but never done -- all in the comfort of your own bed and the safety of your mind. Choose a naughty story, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Erotica for Women by a Woman

The woman behind Silken Erotica is Kayar Silkenvoice. She has made a name for herself as a writer and narrator of erotica since 2005 and hosts the popular weekly Silken On Sex podcast show. A self-described polyamorous bisexual female, her work is thoughtful, provocative,and imaginative, and addresses a wide range of sensual, erotic, and adult sexuality topics. Her voice is hypnotic and sexy, and she spins each story at a languid pace that lulls the listener into a spell-binding web of sensuality and desire.

Her stort story Where The Women Are has been published in the anthology Wetter: More True Lesbian Sex Stories. Another short story, Picnic Beneath the Willow, is awaiting publication in the anthology The Longest Kiss from Mojocastle Press. Silken's erotica was awarded two Editor's Picks on Literotica, is featured at Inky Blue Allusions, Clean Sheets, and, and has been quoted in numerous adult blogs. She counts amongst her friends The Sayer of RedWordSaid, and Alicia NightOrchid, two producers of erotica whom she holds in high regard.

Love Has A Scent a sampling of Silken Erotica. Listen here.

I was puttering around in my vocal booth (for recording audios) when my lover surprised me there. I was on tip-tip toes, my arms spread wide above my head, when his hands closed around my wrists, pressing them down onto a shelf. He pressed himself against me, scraping his shadow along the back of my neck. I moaned. How could I not? There is something about that burning scrape that is so pleasurable that my skin pebbles and I gasp. And moan. And I ground myself back against him, arching my back, wriggling my hips and ass in a belly-dancerís figure-eight until he was hard enough for me to feel the heat of him. He released one of my wrists long enough to open his pants and free his cock, then he pressed it against the thin silk of my pajama bottoms, searing me with his heat..

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